Sunday, 2 December 2007

The Biggest Fraud in Timeshare History

Resort Properties, Tenerife, continue to perpetrate the most pernicious financial fraud in the whole of the timeshare world.

The timeshare trade body, Organisation for Timeshare in Europe (Brussels) and the finance provider, Barclays Partner Finance (Glasgow), are both knowingly colluding in the fraud for their own financial benefit.

The fraud has stolen over ONE HUNDRED MILLION POUNDS from innocent consumers over the last five years – and still continues to this day.

Couples are enticed off the street in Los Americas and subject to a heavy, five hour sales presentation, during which they are offered a marvellous financial investment. They are invited to buy a number of timeshare weeks which Resort Properties promise to sell within a year to generate a 15% profit for the investor.

Thousands have signed up only to find that the weeks are not sold as promised and they are stuck with having to pay massive annual fees just to avoid their “investment” being repossessed.

Many victims cannot afford the annual fees and have lost every penny they have paid – sometimes all their life savings.Those victims who have paid their annual fees have still not had their investment returned with profit five years later – still hopeful that a sale will eventually happen.

Robert Thomas Trotta - Bob Trotta - who runs Resort Properties, and many of the people who operate the fraud on his behalf, are millionaires whilst many of their victims are ruing the day they ever heard of Resort Properties.

WARNING: If you want to safeguard you financial health, do NOT go anywhere near Resort Properties.

Sandy Grey